Mini Writings #1

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Hey, young bloods! Partially inspired by Loren, I've decided to post a few mini pieces of writing. Basically, I'll pick a character or prompt from my Pinterest boards and write just a few sentences or paragraphs based on the pictures! This is a great writing exercise to get your juices flowing or write a small story without having to bother with the plotting involved in short stories or novels. :) So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy!

Damn it.

Liandra's heart froze as she turned the corner. Clutching her knife desperately, she swirled back through the archway and pressed herself against the ice-cold stone wall, eyes closed and breath heavy. The servant she'd seen by the opposite wall - the markings his tunic bore marked him as belonging to Sarina.

Now Sarina knew - and Liandra had to find another way.

Deafening, hysteric screams tumbled around Amerie as she pelted down the mountainside. Brambles tore at her dress, ripping off shreds that were left stuck to thorns and billowing out in the breeze. The girl nearly tripped several times on the rocks in her path, barely pausing to regain her balance before dashing off again. On a path this steep, any fall could be fatal - but she could not afford to waste a second of time.

Behind her, flames roared down the mountainside, devouring everything in their path. They twisted and writhed in ethereal agony, snatching up anything they found and setting it ablaze. In the very center of the inferno, the Keeper's library shuddered and began crumbling. Like rats abandoning a ship, people poured out of the collapsing building in frantic hysteria, screaming to their loved ones or whatever god they believed in.

Amerie skidded to a halt to avoid running off a steep drop into a ravine. The stop was so sudden and so sharp that she pitched forward, arms flailing wildly and uncontrollably. Screaming as the ground shot towards her, an arm caught hold of a tree branch at the last moment, and she stayed upright, trembling and swaying.

Emotionally and physically exhausted beyond comprehension, she collapsed into a sitting position, back against the tree and arms tightly hugging a book to her chest. She had saved it from the Keeper's library at the last moment - looking up the mountain at the fire blazing near the top, she realized it might be the only book that had been saved. Either the flame was so thick she could no longer see the mansion, or it had collapsed completely. Amerie looked again at the book in her hands, then reached a decision. If anything were to happen to this book, the information contained in it must be saved. Shaking, she reverently opened the orange leather cover, smoothing back the first page tenderly. A strange feeling of contentment settled on her, sealing her off from the panic around her, as she began to read the very last book on earth.

Ignace flapped his great leathery wings, descending lower and lower towards the clearing. Although he was, by nature, a mountain dragon, this was his favorite spot to rest whenever he ventured far from home.  

But something was not right about the clearing - something seemed off, though Ignace couldn't quite put a claw on it. He had nearly touched down when he finally figured out what it was.

A shape materialized out of the shadows at the base of a tree, and Ignace let forth an animalistic screech of panic. He flung out his wings to try to slow his movement, desperately beating them to propel himself backwards. Flailing and howling in fear, he ripped through the trees, trunks and branches battering his wings. At last, he broke free of the treeline, flapping as fast as he could for Rashoke.

The Stag King had arisen. They must prepare for war.

"I never knew taverns could be this exciting!"

"Exciting?" Malthir raised his eyebrows. "This is exciting? You should see the inns in the Beggar's Ward. Makes this look like teatime at the Palace."

Malthir's best friend, Prince Kiran of Atami, swiveled his head to look curiously around the inn. As the Prince, Kiran was under the constant eye and protection of the Royal Guard, and it was rare he could sneak out to an inn without at least eight bodyguards tailing him. But tonight, Malthir had managed to sneak him out of the Palace to take him to an inn outside the Royal Ward - and he had never seen anyone look more excited in his life.

"Quit looking around so much," he scolded his friend, "you'll attract attention."

"Mm-hmm," replied Kiran absently.

A dark-cloaked man with a pointed beard suddenly appeared on the other side of Malthir. He whipped his head around, but not before seeing a similar-looking man appear beside Kiran. 

The man with the pointed beard smiled - a sly, oily smile. "Hello," he said, politely. "Your friend's first time in a place like this, I see?"

"Yes," muttered Malthir, tight-lipped. Gods, he was going to skin Kiran when they got home!

"Well, isn't that exciting," replied the man smoothly. "How about a game of dice, to start things off? I'll put forth this ring." He slipped an obviously-valuable silver ring off his finger and laid it down in front of Malthir, who eyed the object warily.

"Don't see why not," said Kiran. He turned to Malthir. "What should we wager?"

The man with the beard smiled darkly, letting his eyes wander to the ornamental circlet on Kiran's head - the one that bore his family's sign and marked him Prince. "Why not that?"


What did you think of those? They were really fun to write! Which one was your favorite? Have you ever tried a writing exercise like this? Comment below, and have an amazing day. :)


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  1. GAHHH ELLIE THESE WERE AMAZING!! I loved them all! My favorite was the one with the crown & dice - I want to know more!! Fabulous job. :)

  2. Oooo, yes I loved all of them! I think the second one was my fav.
    And I did this type of thing myself not too long ago. It was also inspired off of Loren's post. :)
    I would LOVE to see more of these if you could!
    ~ Suzy

  3. What a good idea! I even have a Pinterest board with writing inspiration, so I'll have to try this now - thanks for sharing! :)

  4. These are really good! The last one was my favorite.

  5. These were all wonderful,it's amazing to see how you can come up with so much of a story just from a photo! I can't pick a favourite, I love them all ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Lovely! Mind if i use one of these pictures? I could post my story in the comments

  7. Ooh, this is such a good idea! I especially loved the first little snippet. Pictures make such great writing inspiration, don't they?


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