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Hey, young bloods! The lovely Eve Estelle @ Edge of Night nominated me for this fun writing tag, and I'm very excited to do it. So, sans further ado, let's get started!


1. Write a post thanking the person who tagged you: include the tag, the 11 questions asked, your answers, and, in reply to the request for a small piece of prose or poetry, share a 150-word story.
2. At the end of the post, provide 11 new questions.
3. Request a brief 150-word story from the people you tagged.
4. Tag at least one person, and include a link to their blog.


1. What is your favorite type of writing style?
JRR Tolkien meets Terry Pratchett - descriptive and elaborate with snark stuck in.

2. When did you write your first piece?
I think I was five or six!

3. Have you been published?
Lmao nope.

4. Is writing a career or a hobby for you?
Currently, it's just a hobby, but I hope to make it into a career in the future!

5. Some writers can write no matter where they are....can you?
If I'm in the zone, yes!

6. If you have an "Inspiration Spot", where is it?
I don't have one - I'm liable to come up with ideas in the most inconvenient of spots, such as during class or in the shower. xD

7. Do you sometimes become attached to your characters?
ALL THE TIME MAN. They are adorable beans, ALL of them. Even the merciless villains <3

8. If and when you do, is it hard to kill them off?
It depends on the character. Usually, I don't mind, but there's a smol protagonist I'm going to have to kill off soon and I DON'T WANT TO DO IT OKAY SHE'S SO SWEET AND INNOCENT AND DOESN'T DESERVE IT. *cries*

9. Do you do most of your writing by computer or by hand?
Computer! It's easier to revise, and I can type faster than I handwrite.

10. Can you describe five characters from a few of your stories?

  • Rachael Urban is a gender-bent modern version of the artist Raphael from my retelling The Year of Splattered Paint. She hates popsicles, loves cats, and dyes her hair crazy colors on a regular basis.
  • Zaphrim is a genderfluid demon from my WIP novella Heaven Bleeds Fire, which I'll be working on for Camp NaNoWriMo. They're generally distant from other people and have a very dry sense of humor, but once you get to know them they're super open. They also like ham and marmalade sandwiches....don't ask me, okay?
  • Safildor is a smol and shy bisexual angel who's also from HBF. He's very much a neat freak and finds barbecue disgusting.
  • Horatio Aradassian is the snarky commander of the City Watch in my sorcery trilogy. He has disdain for all members of the nobility and can be very melodramatic.
  • Laurel is a gay witch in my contemporary WIP The Sisters of Sinister Row. Her primary ability is hypnosis, although she wishes it were animal communications. She has a waterfall of brown curls and wears flower crowns all the time.

11. And, finally, what called you to writing?
I don't really know! I'd just been making stories up in my head for as long as I could remember, and then one day I got the bright idea to start writing them down!

And now, the 150-word (ish) snippet....

Zaphrim leaned back against a boulder and pulled a pack of cigarettes from their coat pocket. Lighting one, they continued, “Demons and angels are of the same crop, the same species. We are made of the very same material; there is nothing more substantial than wing color to separate us. The only difference between demons and angels is that long ago, at the beginning of the world, all our species were faced with a choice - to choose servitude and certain security, or entrepreneurship and risk. The angels are the ones who chose the former; the demons are the ones who chose the latter. We are just like those who set out on the Oregon Trail versus those who stayed behind. There is nothing more between us.” They brought the cigarette up to their lips and inhaled deeply, cheeks hollowing and eyes closing. Safi looked away in distaste.  

My Questions:

1. What is your favorite genre to write? Least favorite?
2. Do you read the same genre you write?
3. What are some of the most helpful pieces of writing advice you've heard?
4. Do you write poetry?
5. Have you ever written fanfiction?
6. Do you tend to have larger casts of characters or smaller ones?
7. Would you ever write something in collaboration with another author?
8. What actors would you cast as the leads in your stories?
9. Do you enjoy world building?
10. Where do you find your writing inspiration?
11. Do you have a specific system or method you use for editing?

My Nominees:

Aine @ Writing on a Vintage Typewriter
Imogen @ Gossiping with Dragons
Christine @ Musings of an Elf
Mironiel @ Life of a Mirkwood Elf
Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes


That's all for today! Answer my questions in the comments; I can't wait to chat with you! Have a lovely day, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles <3


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    this is very exciting and i can't wait to read it all. all of it. every single story you write.

    and to answer one of your questions, I wrote Adventure Time fanfic/comics once when i was in 5th grade. I decided I hated them several years later and ripped them out of the book, so I'll never know if they were actually good or not (probably not)

  2. What a fun tag! I loved reading your answers.
    "JRR Tolkien meets Terry Pratchett - descriptive and elaborate with snark stuck in." <-- THAT. YES. I LOVE how you put that. Could there be anything better?

    I always come up with the best ideas in the most inconvenient places as well. Such a problem. *shakes head*

    Thank you SO much for tagging me. I'm honored! ^_^

  3. Thanks for tagging me! That snippet was awesome XD

  4. I prefer writing by hand... I guess I'm the odd one out xD

    1. There are studies that show you stimulate creativity better when writing by hand, though, so it's a good thing you do! I probably should more often, tbh.

      - Ellie

  5. Whoops thought I commented on this.

    Okay, first off, your answer to #1 is just perfect. Talk about knowing what you like!

    "Lmao nope" XD I would be surprised if you aren't published sometime in the future. You're an excellent writer, Ellie!

    #6 Showers seem to just rain ideas down upon people.. (*cough* that was totally not a pun). I get a lot of random ideas when I'm sleeping, or about to be/just woke up from sleeping.

    I love how diverse your characters are, I mean wow. And can I just say that in one of your recent posts (I believe it was "In Review // June"), that outline you shared was super duper helpful! I'm terrible at putting together believable, 3-dimensional characters, and I'm now trying to apply your outline method to one. Still horribly difficult, but.. progress! :D

    1. No problem!
      Ahhh thank you so much!
      Don't worry, I am the Queen of Bad Puns. I usually start thinking about my stories when I get bored during class....which isn't great, as then I end up missing out on notes or material. xD
      Ahhh thank you so much! I've been working a lot on gender and sexuality representation recently, although unfortunately racial representation is still something most of my stories lack...the only one I'm happy with is HBF, because Zaphrim is Korean and Khadir (another character) Palestinian.
      Omg, I'm so glad I could help! Best of luck to you! <3

      - Ellie


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