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Hey, young bloods! For the next few weeks I'll be participating in Bella's Writers' Camp, and one of the challenges is to do a tag about your writing. Therefore, enjoy 15 useless facts you didn't know you wanted to know about me - writing edition!

1. How long have you been writing?
For six.....ish.....years? I think? I've always been making up stories in my head, but it was only six years (???) ago that I got the bright idea to start writing them down. XD

2. Why do you write?
I want to be able to record the stories in my head - I don't want them to just disappear into the void of memory.
(Also, there's no denying the satisfaction you get when there's a completed novel sitting in front of you and you can say "that's mine, I did all that".)

3. What are your favorite types of books to write?
(I've also been experimenting with contemporary lately, and it's surprisingly fun??)

4. How many books have you successfully completed as of now?
Two full-length novels and five novellas.

5. What are three things you hate about writing?
PLOTTER'S BLOCK, AHHH. It's the absolutely most torturous form of writer's block.
I also hate when you want to write and your brain says NO., or (this is a weird one) when people are like "OMG, so are you going to make writing your career???" Like no.....fren.....that's the goal, yes, but I'd be socioeconomically suicidal if I tried to make a living off writing right out of high school. Please have some common sense, thank you.

6. What are three things you love about writing?
The aforementioned proud feeling after you've finished a story, getting to know my characters, and WORLDBUILDING. (Worldbuilding tends to be a love-it-or-hate-it thing, in my experience, and I'm definitely one of those who loves it.)

7. What story are you working on right now?
Omg, so many things.
  • The second draft of the first book of my sorcery trilogy (quartet?). The first draft was about figuring out those elusive characters, and I have a feeling this one will be more focused on plot.
  • A modern retelling of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci!
  • A heaven + hell novella detailed here.
Here, have some moodboards. (Making these is how I procrastinate actually writing, you see.)

Sorcery shenanigans

Snarky artists. Snarkists?

The hardline Christians will probably hate me for this one.

I'm also brainstorming ideas for an elf vs. tiefling fantasy political thriller and a contemporary witch novel, but those ideas aren't concrete enough for moodboards yet.

8. When is your favorite time to write?
Early afternoon, probably.

9. Do you write short stories, children's books, or novels?
Novels and novellas :)

10. Do you draw inspiration from/is your writing style influenced by any particular author?
Terry Pratchett with a dash of Tolkien, I think.

11. Do you write trilogies/series?
Yes, I do! Currently I only have one in the works, but I'm always open to more.

12. Have you experienced writer's block?
All the time, man. *cries softly in corner*

13. What was the fastest you ever wrote a book?
Oh man, I am SUCH a slow writer. A couple months, probably?

14. Do you hope to be published one day?

15. What are some things you wish to share through your books?
A recurring theme I've noticed throughout my books lately is that everyone is human. Everyone, even those on the other side of the argument, even the villains, are human beings who deserve to be treated as such. (Or Elven beings, or Dwarven beings, whatever floats your boat.)


Let's chat! What are your favorite and least favorite things about writing? Who are your inspirations? And what are you writing right now? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. See, that's what I do: create storyboards on Pinterest and avoid actually writing. I love writing and creating stories yet I never see to find the motivation and time to actually sit down and WRITE IT. This tag is definitely giving me some inspiration, though. And I'm ALWAYS thinking of fanatasy books, or Sci-fi. It's my favorite genre, so I can't help it. Awesome tag!

    1. E X A C T L Y. I'm trying to set a daily, manageable word count goal and keep track of it in my journal. Maybe that will help?
      Thank you!

      - Ellie

  2. I LOVE world-building. It's so fun to create new cultures and worlds, or twist existing ones on their heads. Editing and revising does my head in though, especially when I can't figure out how to patch up a plot hole. That and writer's block are my least favourite parts of writing.
    It was great to read about your stories! They all sound great! XD

    1. YESSSSS.
      Omg, plot holes are the worst. I feel your pain XD
      Thank you!!

      - Ellie

  3. My favourite thing about writing is actually writing something! Isn't that great! :D

    I hate procrastination and my general laziness :/

  4. what i'm writing now? this comment. xD lol i'm not writing a story or anything, since i haven't had time to all summer/won't be able to during school. xD


    (p.s. yes i'm still alive hi hey hello hola.)

    1. Hello, love! I've been trying to write 400 words a day of late, and it's really helped? It only takes a little bit, and you can shorten the amount to 200 or 100 words. Still, that's 36,500 words at the end of the year - that's a good amount!

      - Ellie

  5. Ahh I LOVED these questions. They are the best!! And omg writers block is incredibly painful and awful, argh, although I kind of avoid it while writing now by doing hugely detailed outlines. But do I get it while plotting? ALL THE TIME.😂 ALSO I LOVE YOUR MOOD BOARDS. I swear pinterest is the best thing that happened to writers. (And the worst, probably, because procrastination.😂)
    I sooo want to steal this tag omg, but it's an official blog event isn't it? So that's probably not allowed hehe.

    1. I've been trying that exact technique! BUT SOMETIMES* MY PANTSING URGE IS TOO STRONG.
      Thank you so much!
      Nah, I'm sure you could, as long as you linked back to Bella and said the tag originated with her. :)

      - Ellie

      *almost always


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