25 Bullet + Art Journal Prompts

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Hey, young bloods!

Bullet journaling and art journaling have become immensely popular lately, sweeping rapidly through the book, lifestyle, and art blogging communities. Here are a few prompts for the next time you're stuck without inspiration - I hope you find some of them helpful!

1. Make a collage of road maps of places you'd like to visit.

2. Record your prayers and wishes for people close to you.

3. Use some sheet music as a background collage.

4. A page of pressed flowers.

5. Write down the funniest or most heartwarming texts you've received of late.

6. Paste movie and theatre tickets on a page.

7. What are some of your favorite words?

8. What are some new words you've just learned and love?

9. Start a habit tracker - if there's a habit you want to develop (i.e. running daily, waking up at a certain time, etc.) create a graph or grid and chart how often you do the thing! Reward yourself with a checkmark or sticker every time you complete your goal.

10. Write letters to your past self, future self, or people around you.

11. If you're comfortable with it, have a guest page for others to autograph your journal or write a quick message!

12. What's on your mind? Record some of the random thoughts you have throughout the day.

13. What's in the news this week? Paste in some headlines or article snippets.

14. Do some blackout poetry.

15. Make a currently list. What are you currently wearing, eating, drinking, thinking, reading, wanting?

16. Dedicate a page to a specific color. What are some awesome things that are red? Purple? Blue?

17. Take your journal to an art museum! Sketch an original version of your favorite work, record which pieces are your favorite, or jot down some short stories or poems based on cool works.

18. How about gardening? Make a collage out of seed packets, sketch your favorite plants, or use botany-related encyclopedia pages for a background.

19. Record some favorite quotes or song lyrics.

20. Dream on! If you wake up from a particularly memorable dream, record it through bullet points, sketching, a couple paragraphs, or whatever method appeals most to you. After you have all the basics of your dream down (make sure you don't forget it!), go back and add color, stickers, and other fun things.

21. What are ten things on your wishlist?

22. Now balance it out with ten things you're thankful you have. They can be material things or not - your choice!

23. Make a list of firsts - your first concert, first memory, first friend, first day of school, first thing you do in the morning....

24. What are 17 things you want to do before 2017?

25. Let's talk about movies and tv! What are some programs you want to watch? Shows that you love? Movies that were a disappointment?


Let's chat! Do you have a bullet or art journal? If so, what kind of things do you write in it? If not, do you want a bullet or art journal? Comment below, and have a lovely day. <3


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  1. This post just reminded me that I really need a bullet or art journal! It sounds like such a great creative outlet, and you have some amazing prompts here. XD

    1. Thank you! You definitely should get one - it's a ton of fun.

      - Ellie

  2. Love these prompts! I'm so obsessed with my art journal.

  3. Thanks! This was really helpful, especially as I had no idea how or where to start!

    1. Ahhh, I'm so glad it could help you!

      - Ellie

  4. DUDE THIS IS EPIC AND I LOVE IT!! I just bought the journal I'm going to use as a bullet journal for next year! *flails* But I feel like maybe starting earlier would be a good idea...like a test drive, right?! heheh.😂 Anyway, I love these prompts and I totally want to do them! (And some would also make epic blog posts... :D)

  5. Oh yes, I'm always looking around for ideas to use in my bulletjournaling and I've definitely seen some interesting things I will use. THANKS.

  6. Hi Ellie! I LOVE your blog, and it's design!!! I have a few questions...
    - Who designed your blog?
    - If you did, can YOU DESIGN MINE PLEASE!!!
    - Can you do a post, showing some pictures of your style of bullet journal
    - Is it time-consuming to own and draw in a bullet journal? It has been a to-to for me to get one and work in it, since i love art, but love journalling, but I have been faced with the news that takes a consuming amount of time.

    Thanks Ellie! Keep up the GREAT posts!


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