There is Nothing Quite Like an Old-Fashioned Baseball Game.

by - 10:47 AM

Jamming into the stadium as the golden sun is setting. Funnel cakes and hot dogs and greasy fingertips. The soft smack of catching a ball in a glove, and the hard crack of a bat hitting a home run.  Vendors making their way up and down the bleachers, selling bags of peanuts or cones of cotton candy. And at the end, brilliantly bright fireworks exploding against a black sky.

Baseball wouldn't be invented today. The season lasts forever, the games are long, and even one person batting can take a while. People wouldn't have the patience to invest their time in baseball - it wouldn't be sellable to the fast-moving public, those who consume their information in easily-digestible baby bites. But baseball is possibly the trademark sport of America, and it's had a huge impact on our culture and history.

I think often in today's world, where phones consume us and our first-world lives are safely indoors, we forget about things like baseball games, birds making nests in the tree by our window, picnics in the park, and all of the different colors flowers can be. We see pictures of these things on the Internet - but all we do is look at them for a few seconds and then move on. We're so busy searching "rose photography ideas" on Pinterest, we forget to actually go outside and remember what they smell like.

So instead of tricking ourselves into thinking that we know and appreciate nature because of those pretty pictures we're finding on the Internet all the time, let's go outside and get as close to that nature as possible - let's experience it, instead of merely seeing it. Because otherwise, the true experience of the natural world, of patient and slow-moving things, of everyday and wondrous beauty, and of the brightness and fun of everyday will be lost to us, as we gradually forget how to appreciate it.


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  1. OMCG (oh my clark gable) Ellie! I'm sorry for never visiting your blog (life has been a bit busy in the crappy world outside the internet) but I have to say this is so true.Sometimes I have to remember to step away from my camera and pause, enjoying the moment.

    Perfect post, per usual

    x Emily

    1. Oh no it's fine!! Don't worry, love.
      Ahhh thank you :D

      - Ellie

  2. Our cat looks very similar to yours! :) I'm a new blogger if u want to check out my blog!

  3. This is all very true (except for me being American. IRELAND but ethnically Nigerian! *cough*). Sometimes, it's really nice to see stuff like flowers and a setting sun. But sometimes spider webs in your way ruin going outside for me :( Also, I'm a homebody so sometimes it's hard to just GO outside and experience nature.

    1. Ohhhh that's so cool!

      - Ellie


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