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This state has a soul
But it is not my soul.

This state has skies deeper than your dreams
And roads whose only limits are your endurance.

This state has freedom to stretch your legs,
To build from the bottom up what you’ve always wanted
And no one on Earth can stop you.

This state has tucked-away forests and local cafes
Where everybody knows everybody and the coffee is almost as strong as our spirit.

This state is built on the very bones of the earth,
And it is the blood of the earth that pulses through here every day
That connects us all, binds us together with the soul of our state -

But that soul is not my soul.


This city has a soul
And it is my soul.

This city has an ancient heart, not destroyed like the hearts of the cities of the north,
But still pulsing and thriving, pumping lifeblood through the cobblestone streets
And colorful buildings.

This city has a dance, a rhythm, a beat you can live to
A beat you can hear in the slapping of tarot cards on tables
And the tolling cathedral bells
And the horses clopping their way through the streets
And the soft jazz drifting through lazy palms at night.

This city is a world unto its own,
A precious and beautiful world you can find nowhere else on Earth.
This city has endured and will endure,
For even when the buildings have sunk into the swamp
And all we can see of Jackson Square is the tip of the general’s sword
That ancient soul, that breathing soul, will breathe on still -

And I will breathe with it.
For this soul is my soul.


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  1. This poem is so fitting to me right now. I live in a very quiet, idyllic place and whilst it is fine and beautiful and a lovely place to live, it is not what I want. There is a city around where I live that I desperately want to live in when I am older, always bursting with life and energy and for someone who likes to keep busy (aka moi) it is perfect.

    (Oops. Tangent)

    PS - You know how, a while ago, I pondered creating a tag? Well, I did, and I tagged you for it on my blog!

  2. This is beautiful Ellie! You have a wonderful way with words. :)
    I really relate to this poem, in a different sort of way. I'm not sure which place fits my soul yet, because I am in this transitioning phase. There are places where my soul should fit in, but it doesn't, and where it shouldn't, but wants to. <3


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