10 Bookish Name Crushes

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Hey, young bloods! Books, being the primary source of media I consume, are also the primary source of names I find and love! So inspired by Áine @ Writing on a Vintage Typrewriter, I'm compiling and sharing a list of my favorite bookish names from years of avid reading.


Emelan Universe Series by Tamora Pierce - Although Briar is typically used as a feminine name in fantasy series, its use in the Emelan Universe as a masculine name is really interesting and still beautiful.


The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan - This is one of those names I didn't like at first, but after ten-ish books it's definitely grown on me. Now it's one of my favorite bookish names!


Sauron Defeated by J.R.R. Tolkien - Alwin Arundel Lowdham is my favorite character ever, and his middle name (which he goes by) is an archaic but beautiful name I seriously adore.


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - This fun and adventurous nickname is great for any gender and has such personality! 


The Wrath & the Dawn Duology by Renee Ahdieh - This amazing ethnic name perfectly fits the flavor of TR&TD, and I love the way it rolls off the tongue!


The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling - This is a name that didn't really strike me until I read Harry Potter, but now I can't help but associate it with everyone's favorite Ravenclaw.


The Girl from Everywhere Duology (Series?) by Heidi Heilig - Another awesome ethnic name, this one has such personality and produces "Kash", one of my favorite nicknames.


My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga - This Turkish name, pronounced like the "azelle" in "gazelle", is both incredibly beautiful and very unique.


Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostund - CYRANO DE BERGERAC IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE LITERARY CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME EVER. I just can't help but associate this name with him!


The View From Saturday by E.L. Konigsburg - I've always liked this name, but it became one of my favorite female names after reading TVFS. The Nadia in that book is so incredible; I can't help but love her name.


So, let's chat! What are your favorite bookish names? What do you think of the names I picked? Comment below, and have a fabulous day.


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  1. I love these names! I never thought of Briar being a masculine name, but it really is beautiful both ways! I really like Luna, too, but for me it sounds too much like 'Lunar' and makes me think of Sci-Fi (which I like, if well-written) and spaceships, etc.

    Aysel has to be my favourite though. So pretty.

    1. Ikr?! I see what you mean about Luna, though.

      - Ellie

  2. I love Emelan. Briar is the best! Honestly, as soon as I read Circle of Magic for the first time, Briar was forevermore masculine to me. I love all of these names. My favorites besides Briar, though, are Nadia, Aysel, and Luna. I also believe that you have inspired me to make a new blog post.

    1. YES FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO READS THOSE. Nadia is probably my very favorite <3 ohhhh really?? Wow! thank you <3

      - Ellie

  3. Luna is probably my favorite, but I like Briar too.

    1. Aren't they so pretty? <3 Thank you for reading!

      - Ellie

  4. I love the name Nadia. It reminds me of Nadia from the An Ember in the Ashes series! Also I love the name Elayne. I'm total WoT trash.

    1. I JUST STARTED CROSSROADS OF TWILIGHT AND I GOTTA SAY TUON IS MAJORLY BADASS. I'm really enjoying this installment thus far <3

      - Ellie


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