2017 Writerly Goals - Beautiful Books #3

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Hey, young bloods! Today, I'm joining forces with Cait and Sky to bring you Beautiful Books, a linkup dedicated to discussing your WIPs. This month's BB is about your 2017 writing goals and resolutions - so, without further ado, let's get into the questions!

1. What were your writing achievements last year?
(titles are links to the Pinterest boards)
  • Started: Heaven Bleeds Fire - heaven vs. hell novella, smol demons and even smoller angels
  • Started: Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything (formerly titled Song of Magic and Machines) - steampunk + fairyland mashup novel featuring steampunk pirates and fae rogues
  • Overhauled: Four Suns Falling, book one of Death of the Skies - high fantasy series centering around the quest for extremely powerful magical artifacts, royalty battling for their thrones, and a very determined little girl with a very unruly phoenix

2. What's on your writerly to-do list for 2017?
The main thing is definitely finishing Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything. I'm pretty close to finished with that, however, and what will come after that is pretty up in the air. A couple things I hope to do are continuing to overhaul Death of the Skies and picking Heaven Bleeds Fire back up. I do also have a couple new novel ideas brewing - they're just in embryonic stages, though.

3. Tell us about your top priority writing projects for this year!
Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything is definitely my top priority. A really long and bad blurb:

Hello, reader!
My name is Karissa Valindra Kella Serpent Goldlock - and you can call me Karissa Valindra Kella Serpent Goldlock. In case you haven't heard of me (although I'm sure you have), I am the most ruthless, cunning, dangerous, and flagrantly gay thief in the entirety of Faelind. I've had a lot of adventures, as I'm sure you can tell - in fact, I've done (almost) utterly everything! My latest adventure, however, was by far the most dangerous yet important I've ever experienced - why? Well, it involved
  • The most fearsome pirates to sail the Spellbound Sea (one of whom makes surprisingly good pastries)
  • The Royal Prince and Heir Apparent of Aerofell, the steampunk land
  • And my mortal enemy, the most ruthless assassin ever to walk Faelind
How did I survive, you might ask? And how could you, a fellow adventurer, embark on such amazing quests of your own? Well, friend, read on to find out! 
One more time, for the people in the back - my name is Karissa Goldlock, and this is my guide to (almost) utterly everything.

As Karissa touched on there, the main characters include Karissa herself, the bookish Prince of Aerofell, a half-demon pirate who loves cooking, and a human pirate who rules the Spellbound Sea with an iron fist. The steampunk prince (Ari) gets captured by the fae, and Karissa and the pirates are employed by the Queen of Aerofell to get him back and prevent war.

4. How do you hope to improve as a writer? Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017?
I hope to become better at sticking to projects I start, and I hope to further develop my skill in poetry. I don't see myself querying or anything yet, but later this year a Tumblr poetry blog could possibly be in the works? (Would any of you be interested in that? You shouldn't have to have a Tumblr to view it if I link directly to it, unless Tumblr changed their website.)

5. Describe your general editing process.
I actually really like editing? I mean, the hard stuff is already done - for the most part, you don't have to come up with anything new, you just have to edit what's there. I usually edit as I go, and then every ten or so pages I go back and edit what I have thus far. It's an odd system, but I hate the idea of words sitting raw and un-edited for too long. I like making them pretty and ready for presentation! (I usually finish by going over the last third of the draft a final time after everything's done, simply because that part hasn't been edited nearly as much as the rest.)

6. On a scale of 1-10, how do you think this [your most recent] draft turned out?
Oooh, I'm actually pretty proud of how Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything is coming? I'd say like a 7-8?

7. What aspect of your draft needs the most work?
The timeline, lmao. That thing is in shambles.

8. What do you like the most about your draft?
I love the banter between the characters/the humor in this book, honestly. Their snark is my life.

The "her" referred to in the following excerpt is Queen Genevieve of Aerofell, Augustus's wife and Ari's mother.

9. What are your plans for this novel once you finish editing? More edits? Finding beta readers? Self-publishing? Hiding it in a dark hole forever? 
As I said before, querying is definitely not in my future any time soon. Once I finish this draft of Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything, it'll go to my lovely critique partner and a couple IRL friends of mine who read my crap. When I get it back, I'll continue drafting and editing and sending it off until I'm totally happy with it! (Which may only take another round of edits (as I mentioned, I edit very heavily when I'm writing), or it may take until the end of the century - only time will tell.) 

10. What's your top piece of advice for those just finishing a first draft?
Give it time if it needs it; jump right into editing and get it done if it doesn't.


Whew! That was quite a long post. Thank you if you read all the way to this point! Let me ask you - how are your WIPs doing? What are your recent achievements, and what do you hope to accomplish in  2017? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles <3


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  1. Thanks for reminding me :P
    I have lots to do this year too. Good luck with your writing goals and have a great day!

    Skylar | Skywriting

    1. Thank you! Best of luck with yours as well :)

      - Ellie

  2. Your WIP sounds interesting! Witty banter is everything-- it's one of the things that helps bring the book to life. xD Tumblr hasn't changed their layout, I think, unless you're on mobile-- if you're browsing through and searching for things throughout the entire server itself, then that's when you'd need the app and an account. As for my writing feats, I would love to enter more competitions, because college is hard work and very expensive. Every little bit is going to help!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you!

      Best of luck to you! You're quite talented, so I'm sure you'll win plenty of things. :)

      - Ellie

  3. your story sounds wild. lol. best of luck with your 2017 goals! you got this!

  4. i came over from Paper Fury. I must ask to be your beta reader or at least a book reviewer. Pretty please?

    1. Sure! How can I contact you once the book is finished?

      - Ellie

  5. Haha, I love the snippets, Ellie. Especially the whole
    "I imagine the first was to marry you?"
    Hilarious. And I have heard a similar, less intense discussion many a time. ;)

  6. I always love your writing posts. Your books just sound incredible. If you ever need anyone to fangirl incessantly, then you know where I am.

  7. Four Suns Falling sounds right up my ally! Good luck with all your writing projects and goals this year. :)


  8. Those...aesthetics...*swoons*

    Seriously, I love the collage. Absolutely gorgeous. And snarky fairies, too. Awesome. You were a total ace with the editing last year, from the sound of it. Editing high fantasy is tough! If you can do that, I have no doubt you can do anything else you want this year. :D

    Elisabeth @ Inkspelled Faery

  9. I love the sound of your stories, Ellie!! I would especially love to read Four Suns Falling someday! If you ever want a beta-reader, I would love to read any of your projects!!! :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'll definitely keep your name in mind :D

      - Ellie

  10. Heaven Bleeds Fire sounds like gorgeous perfection! *flails* And, ohmygoodness, I was so excited to find that someone else likes editing too!!! So far, I thought I was the only one. :) Also those aesthetics!!! *collapses with admiration* Sooooo preeeeetttyy!!!!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your comment just made my night!

      - Ellie


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