Calculations and Canvas - From My College Creative Writing Course

by - 10:52 PM

Hey, young bloods!

This week, I started taking a fiction-writing course through the University of Iowa. I'm very grateful and excited for the opportunity to take this class, and it's been loads of fun so far. For our first writing assignment, we had to spend ten minutes describing a person's shoes so as to show their personality. For something I dashed down in a ten-minute whirlwind, I'm pretty proud of what I wrote, so I decided to share it with you all today!

The character described in this is Leonard Davenport, my modern Leonardo da Vinci from my LdV/Michelangelo modern retelling. (If you'd like a refresher as to what exactly this story is about, you can find more information here.)


Let's chat! Have you ever participated in any creative writing camps/courses? What are your WIPs, and how are they doing? Comment below, and have a lovely day. <3


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  1. Ah so cool! I want to take a creative writing course haha I'm jealous. This is so neat-- love it. I want shoes like that haha. I used to have a pair of white converse I would draw on all the time, it kind of reminded me of that.

    1. Thank you! Pictures I've seen of people drawing on their converse is kind of what inspired this, actually. :)

      - Ellie

  2. this is so so cool. i wish my local university offered classes, you have such an amazing opportunity. and you deserve it! you amazing writer you. <3

    ~ noor

  3. This is so cool! You're a phenomenal writer, wow.

  4. This looks gorgeous, the aesthetic board as well as the writing! Also I think it's really creative to do a modern retelling! Good luck on writing!!


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