16 Unique Fantasy City Names

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As a writer of fantasy myself, I know that one of the hardest things to do in fantasy writing is come up with good city names. You know, names that aren't basic like "Iceville" or unpronounceable like "Przdleckiava". So here is a list of sixteen fantasy city names that are sure to be perfect for any city - from the wealthy capital of the human kingdom to tiny elven farming hamlets.


So, let's chat! Which name was your favorite? And would you like to see me do more of this kind of post? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. "tiny elven farming hamlets" thAT SOUNDS SO CUTE I MAY HAVE DIED A BIT.
    and i'd love to see more of these posts! i really like them. ;)

  2. I really like Tethoris; makes me think of ivory towers and Skyrim-like landscapes (and Tetris, if i'm being honest here). Sankori sounds so exotic - HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE NAMES?

    1. What's Tetris? AHHH THANK. I line up a bunch of prefixes I like and suffixes I like, (san- and -kori, for example), then mash them up in different combinations until I find something I like.

      - Ellie

    2. Tetris is a really old game that I was low-key obsessed with in the ye olden days of childhood. And it's so cool that you come up with these names on your own! I actually tried to make one myself a long time fairytale-retelling ago and....I created 'Gumbaloo'. Not even kidding. Never again. I'm done. *hides in pillow fort*

  3. Ah yes I always look forward to your name lists Ellie-- I don't understand how you come up with so many good ones haha. I love the city names too-- naming places in fantasy books is usually the hardest for me for sure haha. Awesome awesome post!

  4. This is such a cute list xD I always have a problem thinking up of city names and country names. Or sometimes I'll use a real city name and play around with it. Jericho sounds really cool. And I've lived in Karachi- I really like how Karachi sounds. Then in my language there's always suffixes like Islam-abad and Jacob-abad and Chol-istan and Uzbek-istan to play around with too. How does Jerichabad sound? :p
    haha i'm so glad im not writing anything that needs city names xD you can see how horrific it is to let me be in charge of naming things.

  5. My favourite is definitely Alynthi! I love these 'name' posts. They are so great.

  6. can I use one of these in the book I'm writing? I need a name for ancient city of centaurs, and Findara sounds perfect. Who knows, maybe I'll even publish my book and you'll get to see your name in it. In a couple of years, look for a book called Shadows, and it you might find the city name Findara in it :)

  7. did you make those background pictures? i need a name for the story i'm making and Zinambra is just perfect! and i also need a picture of it. can i use it for my story?

  8. Ellesmere is the northernmost major island in the Canadian archipelago.


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