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Hey, young bloods! Inspired by the lovely Katie @ Bookwise, today I'm spotlighting several of my favorite main characters using a six-prompt character challenge. For four of my main characters from various works, I'll share a contradiction in their personality, their Myers-Briggs personality type, their favorite color, how they'd slay a dragon, their biggest secret, and where they see themselves in ten years. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!

The Bookish Prince from The Death of the Skies

Contradiction: He's a prince who loves his homeland, yet he doesn't care a whit for his people. He'll do anything to keep Cavanor itself - the land, the history - alive, but his people starving doesn't bother him all that much. After all, he's not yet the Emperor - so he can't enact change and there's no reason for him to get worried about it.

Myers-Briggs: INTJ.

Favorite Color: Black. He likes the austerity and cleanness.

How He'd Slay a Dragon: He'd lure it into some sort of canyon where he'd constructed a trap, probably an avalanche that would be set off as the dragon lumbered around.

Biggest Secret: He's gay. While Cavanor isn't the most accepting nation in the world, it's accepting enough that his homosexuality wouldn't be a huge problem if he weren't the prince. But since he's the only child of the Emperor and his family's hold on the throne is tenuous at best, he's expected to produce plenty of children as quickly as possible.

In Ten Years, He Sees Himself: This changes drastically throughout the course of the series, but at the beginning he sees himself unfortunately married to his cousin, father of plenty of children, and about to ascend to the throne. At the end of the series, he sees himself a scholar in Dansari's Great Library, working to preserve and interpret the writings of ancient cultures.

Sabina Del'Takshiva
The Sarcastic Spy from The Death of the Skies

Contradiction: She's a thief and a spy who's rarely made an honest penny in her life, and she thrives off the misfortune of others. However, she's trying to learn to read and write so she can get an honest job. She also never steals from those poorer than she, although it's hard to find them.

Myers-Briggs: INTP.

Favorite Color: Aqua.

How She'd Slay a Dragon: She'd probably research its most sensitive points and the easiest place for metal to penetrate, then jump on its back and use her acrobatics to navigate its attempts to claw/throw her off as she tries to stab it.

Biggest Secret: She rarely sleeps on the street - she usually sneaks into the homes of the wealthy and hunkers down in their guest rooms. She's also spying for the most dangerous assassin in Cavanor and knows his secret identity.

In Ten Years, She Sees Herself: She hopes she'll have an honest job, maybe as a clerk somewhere. But in reality, she knows that when you're born in the slums and get involved with people as bad as those she's involved with, it's nearly impossible to leave and start over. She thinks she'll probably be just where she is now.

The Smol Angel from Heaven Bleeds Fire

Contradiction: He's an angel who believes firmly in the goodness of God and evil of Satan, but his closest friends - and the one with whom he's fallen in love - are demons.

Myers-Briggs: INFP.

Favorite Color: White.

How He'd Slay a Dragon: Probably smite it with Angel Fire.

Biggest Secret: HE HAS SO MANY. The fact that he's falling in love with Zaphrim, an unrepentant demon. The fact that he's bisexual in the first place. The fact that he literally ran away from Heaven to fall in with a band of demons.
(It's especially important Heaven doesn't figure out that last one.)

In Ten Years, He Sees Himself: He always thought he'd remain in Heaven forever, faithfully serving God. But at this point? He honestly doesn't know. He just hopes it has something to do with Zaphrim.

Anastasia Cogwood

Contradiction: Outwardly, Anastasia's an unflinchingly practical and iron-fisted leader. Inwardly, she's brimming over with idealistic dreams.

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ.

Favorite Color: Green-blue.

How She'd Slay a Dragon: Greek fire.

Biggest Secret: Probably the location of her crew's lair and treasury. 

In Ten Years, She Sees Herself: It depends if she can get a blimp. The galleon-with-an-engine airship she currently uses is on its last leg, and if it collapses and she can't steal a blimp (the main airship currently available, the supply of which is controlled by the government) she won't have any effective means to pirate anymore. But if she can get a blimp, she hopes to extend her undisputed reign over the seas south past the Five Ports.


Well, that's all for today! Which of these characters was your favorite? Which of your own main characters do you like best? (I love Safi, but shhhh, don't let the others know.) Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. Ooh, Greek fire. <3 It'd be one of my top ways of slaying a dragon too.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah (yes, I underwent a name change >.<)

    1. IKR?! It's so underrepresented in fiction. Why bother with going on quests for magical swords when you could just use some Greek fire? XD

      - Ellie

  2. Oh, I've seen this format before! And your characters seem very interesting! ;)

  3. THIS WAS AN AMAZING POST TO READ I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH ALL OF THOSE CHARACTERS. Safildor seems like a great guy, and I love hearing about that WIP in particular because angel/demon stuff is cool and I kind of already ship Safi and Zaphrim despite having not read Heaven Bleeds Fire (are you happy that you've added another OTP to my ever-growing list??)


      - Ellie

  4. I love all your characters! So fun to read about :)


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