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Hey, young bloods! In honor of the recent Beauty and the Beast remake, I'll be doing a Beauty-and-the-Beast-themed book tag today. Belle was definitely my favorite Disney princess growing up, and I can't count the amount of times I watched the animated movie and ogled over her dresses. So sans further ado, I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

A Book You Bought For Its Beautiful Cover That's Just as Beautiful Inside, Too

Oooh. This is a hard one, as I'm far too frugal to ever buy books on a whim just because of their covers. But I will say that there have been several books, foremost of which is The Blackthorn Key, that I absolutely adore but would never have noticed if it weren't for the stunning cover.

A Book You Didn't Expect Much From, But It Pleasantly Surprised You

HANDS DOWN, THE MARTIAN. There have been many others, but this may be the best book I've read thus far this year. However, I originally assumed I'd hate it; it's sic-fi, which I rarely like, and a survival story, which I never like. I only read it because it was a gift from my grandma, one of my very best friends. And hoLY CRAP. Andy Weir's incredible writing skills sucked me instantly into an amazing read. I would definitely recommend this book to pretty much everyone :)

A Book Everyone Loves That You Don't

Ohhhh man. 
I've articulated my feelings on this book many times, but to sum it up: blatant transphobia, bland writing, unrealistic insta-love, and no characters I liked. So many people recommended this book to me, and I was so excited to read it, but it just ended up being a total flop for me. :/

A Loyal Sidekick You Can't Help Loving More Than Their Counterpart

Ginger, the main character, irritated me immensely in Paper Crowns. She just seemed like a cookie-cutter Christian girl without a lot of unique traits or defining characteristics. However, Halcyon, her loyal blue cat, was one of the most incredible characters I read last year. He was sarcastic, unique, complex, and full of awesome surprises at every turn.

Mrs. Potts, Lumier, and Cogsworth
A Book That Helped You Through a Difficult Time or Taught You Something Valuable

For this one, I'm going to have to go with We Are the Ants. As I detailed in my review, I'm a really fortunate person. I have an awesome + loving family, a beautiful house, and I'm very financially secure. I've never really read about anyone from a broken or lower-class home, much less known them personally - until We Are the Ants. This book really opened my eyes as to what life is like for people who are less well-off than I am, and I think it was very important for me to read it.

"Something There"
A Book or Series You Weren't Into at First But Picked Up Towards the End

For this one, I definitely have to say The Raven Cycle. I liked The Raven Boys, but it wasn't anything extraordinary. Plus, I found it to be chock-full of irritating tropes and really overhyped. However, The Raven King was one of my very favorite books of last year.

"Tale as Old as Time"
A Popular Trope, Theme, or Setting You Never Get Tired of Reading

LITERALLY ANYTHING LGBT+. The plot could be the most trope-filled and stereotypical to ever exist, but if it's gay, I'll probably go for it.

"Be Our Guest"
A Fictional Character You Would Love to Have Over for Dinner

They'd probably wreck havoc on my house, but I'd choose the entire company of dwarves from The Hobbit. Everything would feel so lively, and they could tell so many amazing stories and be super entertaining. 

I Tag



Let's chat! What books have pleasantly surprised you? What books are you a black sheep about? And what fictional characters would you want to have dinner with? Comment below, and remember that you are all very beautiful pickles.


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  1. Oh, I definitely agree with the Raven Cycle being "Something There"! I thought that the first few books were okay, and that was enough to keep me reading, but omg The Raven King was SO AMAZING AAGGHHH. <3

  2. These is such a cool idea! I've read the first two of the Raven Cycle and loved them, so I'm excited for what the next books have in store ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!

      - Ellie

  3. Ooh, the Raven's Cycle. I have a slight dislike for the series-- I tried to chew on it during my freshman year but it wasn't the right fit for me, but much time has passed, and perhaps it's something that I want to try to reread again.

    Also, CAN WE HAVE A HOBBIT MEAL. It's something I've tried one and I really want to try again. It's so filling and so good, oh my goodness.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. I definitely feel that. I had that feeling with the first and third books :/

      YES OH MY GOODNESS. I actually made Beorn's honey-cake for my birthday a couple years ago, and it was amazing.

      - Ellie


  5. Thank you! This post was so inspiring! I want to do a similar one for my blog x

  6. I LOVE THIS TAG!!! It's so interesting aaah. My favorites were the Gastion and Be Our Guest questions :)

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Thank you so much! :D I liked Lefou and Beast.

      - Ellie

  7. A very unique way to review and treat books. Thank you for sharing. I liked reading your thoughts on these books though a few I haven't heard of or been exposed to.

    If it's okay, I would like to keep this as a future idea for my blog with a link back to and complete credit given to you here.

    1. Thank you! Of course :)

      - Ellie

    2. Posted! If you want to check it out, the link is


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