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Hey, young bloods! In addition to the in-progress works I've featured on my writings page, there are also a ton of embryonic, early-stage book ideas floating around in my brain. (It comes from suffering from Shiny New Idea Syndrome, I tell you. *sigh*) Today, I figured I'd share some of them with you!


I've got the plot of this one pretty well fleshed out, but I can not come up with good characters for the life of me. :/ This is a futuristic space story where all the planets in our solar system have been colonized except Pluto. For some reason, whenever anyone tries to colonize Pluto, they disappear and
are never heard from again. The other planets are exploding from overpopulation, though - so much so that criminals, the disabled, the poor, and others who can't effectively contribute to society are often shipped off to Pluto.

The governor of Neptune has had enough of this, however. He hires the solar system's best pirate to escort and protect the latest batch of Pluto-bound Neptunians, and she reluctantly agrees. It then turns into a survival story on Pluto, with a ton of amoral criminals and perfectly moral innocents trying to survive together against the aliens who secretly live on Pluto and are hunting them down. I reckon this would be at LEAST a duology, probably a trilogy or quartet.

2. In Honor of Angel

This is a dystopian story inspired by this snippet of writing I posted a long time ago. I haven't done much work with it, though. It's a typical dystopian rebellion story, and I have no idea how to make it more original.

3. Everward or The Dreamers and the Dreamt

Everward/TDATD would be a novella duology (trilogy?) about a land called Everward where people go when they dream. Whatever you dream of (any people, places, items, etc.) continues to exist once you wake up, and any people you make up become real inhabitants of that land. If you die while dreaming of Everward, you are transported there permanently. Thus, there are two classes of people in Everward: the Dreamers, who came when they died, and the Dreamt, who were created by the Dreamers. The Dreamers rule Everward with an iron fist and treat the Dreamt as sub-par citizens. It's up to Nikolessa, a rebellious Dreamt gnome; Lukas, a cynical Dreamer-Dreamt Hybrid; and a yet-unnamed newly-arrived Dreamer to fix this and overthrow the tyrannical Dreammaster. Other possible characters: Kakaya, the Dreammaster's daughter who runs away from home; and her sarcastic body guard.

4. Elves vs. Tieflings political intrigue

In this world, elves and tieflings (half-demons) have been enemies forever. But the elves are also split amongst themselves - the northern elves hold the southern elves in disdain, and vice versa. Following a huge uptick in extremist south elven terrorism against the north, three north elves (Sahira, a warrior who lives in her own world; Raevyn, a mage apprentice; and Elfindor, an agender healer) are captured and brought to the southern capital to serve the royal family. With the aide of Evraine, a sarcastic princess; and Kelfir, a clever bard; they must fight against the tieflings trying to swallow both elven empires. This would probably be a duology, possibly a trilogy.

5. Assassin thingy??

This one is very, very, VERY new. In fact, I just came up with it a few days ago; however, I think it has a ton of potential and really want to get down to plotting it (after it's marinated in the back of my mind for a while). Basically, the king and queen hid away their daughter and disguised her as a commoner when she was a baby, and she's grown up the "daughter" of an innkeeper, never suspecting she's royalty. (I reckon she's around twelve when the story starts?) Then, her location is discovered by two of her parents' political opponents. The two best assassins in the land are hired to kill her, which they do.....which starts a civil war. This would probably be a duology of either novels or novellas following the fate of these two assassins and their country as a whole as it's swept into a giant civil war. (The princess, in case you're wondering, makes a grand total of one (1) appearance - as a corpse. She impacts the plot because of her death, but she definitely won't appear herself in the story.)

I really love how this idea kind of turns the typical lost princess narrative on its head. The princess serves as nothing but a plot device; the real story is her two assassins and the political intrigue they end up engulfed in.


Let's chat! What are your embryonic story ideas? Which of these was your favorite? Comment below, and have an awesome day. <3


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  1. OH MY GOSH SPACE PIRATES YES! And the dream thing is like such a neat concept ahh please write that I feel like that could be so rad ((I promise I'll try really hard not to steal it)) no I would never haha but it is just such a great idea. I read a book playing off the concept of dreams and was so disappointed because the topic wasn't nearly as well done as it could've, since the whole idea really has so much potential. I totally want to write a book about dreams someday, as I find them super interesting and mysterious concepts in general with so much to work with. I totally want to read yours if you write it too. I feel this struggle though haha-- just today I was sitting in math trying to convince myself to pay attention when out of nowhere I suddenly realized the perfect name for an OC ((with a very underdeveloped story)) I've had for a year?? And then the brainstorm spiraled out of control and needless to say I don't even know what happened in that class haha. But yeah I love all your story ideas, so fun to read!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Omg, I was literally outlining this in math class today. I'm thinking there might be a mad scientist the Dreammaster is forcing to develop a way for Dreamers to continue being able to create things at will in Everward after they die. As of now, you lose the ability once you die.

      - Ellie

  2. PLUTO, yes. It's such an interesting concept and it's something that I can actually envision having to happen (overpopulation onto different planets). Also, the plot twist you had in your last plot bunny-- ooh, super shocking! Way to turn everyone's heads and make everyone freak out, Ellie. xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

  3. Honestly, you had me at "space pirates." ALSO I TOTALLY WANT TO READ THE DREAMING ONE. That sounds amazing!! I'm reading Strange the Dreamer right now and it's so full of dreaming, I love it.

    1. Thank you so much! Ooh, I've been wondering about reading that one. I definitely look forward to your thoughts :)

      - Ellie

  4. OKAY SO THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVOURITE AND I'M JUST FLAILING OVER IT BECAUSE ASSASSIN STORIES!! *flails wildly* Also the space pirates one. 😍😍 Basically you have spectacular ideas and please write them all immediately.😍

  5. Please give me space pirates. PLEASE. I'LL DO ANYTHING! But seriously, I love that idea. Also the elves vs tiefling one—I'll happily read that too!


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