Main Character Spotlight #2

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Hey, young bloods! Inspired by the lovely Katie @ Bookwise, today I'm spotlighting several of my favorite main characters using a six-prompt character challenge. For four of my main characters from various works, I'll share a contradiction in their personality, their Myers-Briggs personality type, their favorite color, how they'd slay a dragon, their biggest secret, and where they see themselves in ten years. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!

(writing this post made me realize just how freaking many of my characters are morally knew I had a lot of them.....but thIS MANY?? wow Ellie.)

Finley Dratch
The Genius Hacker from The Spies Just Shy of Legendary

Contradiction: Fin is a smol bean who hates hurting others, but he's joined up with a branch of the yakuza (Japanese mafia).

Myers-Briggs: suCH AN INFJ. He enjoys intellectual stimulation and is super organized, yet he's idealistic and seeks harmony with others.

Favorite Color: Navy blue.

How He'd Slay a Dragon: He wouldn't. He'd sit on the sidelines and cry. he'S JUST THE TECH GUY, PLS DON'T MAKE HIM HURT PEOPLE.

Biggest Secret: He's lowkey looking for a way to get out of his job in the yakuza. Trouble is, once you get involved with groups like that, you can never truly un-involve yourself. He's also crushing on a new coworker, a Russian information broker named Sage, but he's more comfortable with people (well, people who aren't Sage) knowing that.

10 Years: He really wants to be a rising star at Google, Apple, or some other similar company. He knows he has the talent for it; the only issue is disentangling himself from Nagisa, Eloise, and the rest of the gang.

Kargobi Uthandarya
The Criminal Elvish Politician from The Death of the Skies

Contradiction: Kargobi is a politician who secretly heads one of Dansari's (the Elven country) biggest gangs. He deals in drugs, thievery, and murder and doesn't really care how bloody his money is as long as it ends up in his hands. However, he'd never even think of siding with Kamir, the Dark Lord. He'd do anything to keep Dansari and its citizens safe from darkness, which is most of the reason he got into politics.

Myers-Briggs: INTP. He enjoys solving challenging problems, and he's very precise and logical.

Favorite Color: Besides purple, he's partial to black, white, and yellow.

How He'd Slay a Dragon: Hire someone to do it. He surely has a guy for it somewhere.

Biggest Secret: He's in love with one of his coworkers, Kaline Kglori, another one of the most high-profile politicians in Dansari.

10 Years: Practically, he plans to have expanded his hold on Dansari's criminal class by around 75%. Idealistically, he'd also like to marry Kaline.

The Male Witch from The Sisters of Sinister Street

Contradiction: Silvester has only good intentions, but he's willing to do horrible thing to achieve those intentions.

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ. He likes being in charge and getting things done properly, yet he's an outgoing people-person.

Favorite Color: Pale blue.

How He'd Slay a Dragon: Have someone else (probably Savannah, his apprentice) do it. Everyone would expect him to poison it via his Potions Witchery, but....

Biggest Secret: Silvester tells everyone that his Witchery is Potions, but it's actually Foretelling. He manages to pass himself off as passable at Potions because he knows a lot about science and medicine, but his true Witchery is Foretelling. In fact - another secret - he's recently Foretold that he will die in a year's time, and so will his greatest enemy.

10 Years: Lmao. Dead.

The Gender Fluid Demon from Heaven Bleeds Fire

Contradiction: They're a demon, for pity's sake, and they don't give a crap about most people. But for those they love? They'll go to the end of the earth and back again.

Myers-Briggs: ISTP. They're very reserved and analytical yet decisive and action-oriented.

Favorite Color: Lmao, black.

How They'd Slay a Dragon: Harnessing demon powers. Zaphrim's not the most powerful of demons, but they're nevertheless quite far from being a weakling. I reckon they could take on a dragon.

Biggest Secret: They may or may not have fallen in love with a certain neat freak angel named Safildor.

10 Years: They're a bit too preoccupied trying to bring about the apocalypse to think about that at the moment. Ideally, though, when they let themselves dream of such things, they would like to live on Earth somewhere with Safi.


Let's chat! Which of these characters was your favorite? Which of your own main characters do you like best? (Mine is probably Finley, but shhhh. Don't tell the others.) Comment below, and have a lovely day. <3


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  1. This is such an awesome post, Ellie. I absolutely love your writing posts. I actually have four other tabs open with them right at this very second, so expect more comments from me ;)

    Ely @ Tea & Titles

  2. Wow, they all sound really awesome. Finley is probably my favorite ("How He'd Slay a Dragon: He wouldn't. He'd sit on the sidelines and cry." Love it!), but Silvester sounded cool too. But then, I adore the doomed folk with an unhealthy passion, so I basically have no choice. You've forced to me like him simply by telling me he's destined to die! Why?!? You could have just bought me with chocolate cake, and it would hurt my feels a lot less.

  3. This was a great post to read, and it makes me want to do one too?? I think my favourite character of yours would have to be Finley and of course ZAPHRIM BECAUSE I AM LOW KEY IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF THAT NOVELLA OF YOURS and plus they seem pretty awesome :) ps - I kind of nominated you for an award on my blog? If you wanna check that out?

  4. This was so incredibly interesting to read. I loved eating up every single bit!! All these characters are so intriguing:)) Amazing.

    Jazzy @

  5. Ahh I'm an INFJ! Relating to Finley. All your characters are the best things ever.

  6. OMGosh, I LOVE Myers-Briggs Personalities! I am ENFP, and even before I read this I would carefully choose which type my protagonist and other characters would be - the protagonist of my fantasy story, Fire and Water, is Elle, and ESTP.
    Have you taken the test on which type you are, Ellie?



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