Dear August | Sincerely, July

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But super fun!

- ANIMEIOWA WAS KIND OF THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME ALL SUMMER. It was insanely fun to dress in my cosplay each day, buy a crap ton of merch (mainly books, ngl), and be surrounded by so many other people who love the same things I do!

(I also ate only Perkins for three days in a row.)

And I bought these awesome pins for my backpack!


- I also visited Washington state! I met my bestest online friend, Gwen, irl, and hung out with a bunch of awesome family members.

- I'm pretty proud of my reading month! I read 13 books in July. I'm still 10 ahead in my Goodreads challenge, and I know I'll be happy for that buffer when school starts!

THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD AHHHH. I didn't rate a single one lower than 4 stars. So I'll highlight my three faves instead of my fave and least fave: Legion of the Dead, As You Like It, and Karneval, Vol. 4.

- Have a playlist. I'm usually not a huge Disney fan, but I got hooked on Disney music this month after watching Moana and Beauty and the Beast (2017).

- AND I'M CRYING IT'LL BE AMAZING. My dudes, I started shopping for school supplies in late June. I've been itching to dive into my summer homework all July (I know I won't remember enough of the content unless I do it in August). SCHOOL IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD, AGH! AUGUST 23RD, I CAN BARELY WAIT. I'll be a junior! Huzzah!

A very abridged list of things I adore about school:
- School supplies
- Decorating my locker + book covers
- Biology, history, trigonometry, and geography
- Seeing my friends more often
- Football games
- Basically everything except algebra okay.

- I'll be taking AP Bio, AP US History, AP European History, AP Lang and Comp, Adv. Pre-Calc, German III, and the required religion classes. Because I go to a Catholic school. Lemme tell you folks, the best way to ensure your kid doesn't end up Catholic is to send them to Catholic school.

...because so many amazing bloggers have been putting out equally amazing content this month!

Christine @ Musings of an Elf listed 10 fantasy books you haven't heard of but need to read. AS IF MY TBR PILE NEEDED TO BE LONGER.

Adi @ Not Gary Cooper discussed why she often prefers adult books to YA. As someone who finds myself in the same situation, this was an awesome post to read!

Bee @ Quite the Novel Idea interviewed Mackenzi Lee, author of The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue! I haven't even read the book, but I found the interview incredibly fascinating from the perspective of a fellow writer.

Ely (awesome name, amiright?) @ What Can I Say? introduced her newest novel. I'M SCREAMING, Y'ALL. Her writing is always amazing, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more about this particular story.

What did you read this July? Recent favorites? Have you seen Moana or Beauty and the Beast? And what are your thoughts on school starting back up? Comment below, and remember that y'all are very beautiful pickles.


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  1. I know absolutely zilch about anime but your cosplay is the cutest and neatest thing I've seen all summer I'm SCREAMING. I'm so happy you had a good time!! I know you were really looking forward to it and it's awesome to hear that it lived up to your expectations. ^-^
    I'm in the middle of my usual summer slump (nothing seems to motivate me more to read than school does) but I got through 5 books which I guess was something?? I've got a ton of fluffy short contemporaries to get through this month though, so hopefully I can read a bit more before school starts on the 21st. (slightly excited but slightly anxious because college is getting all the more near and i'm not ready)
    ahh, thank you for sharing my post, lovely!! i'm so happy you were able to relate to it. <3
    I've seen Moana and I adored it. Beauty and the Beast is kind of iffy for me because I've heard Emma Watson as Belle/the singing wasn't that great, but I love Luke Evans to death, so I'll have to give it a shot soon!

    xx a || not gary cooper

      Haha, I totally get that! Somehow, not having as much time to do something motivates me to do more of it. Which classes are you taking this year?
      See, the reason I didn't see it the moment it came out (Belle's my favorite princess) is that I was skeptical of the singing. The Les Mis 2012 movie had horrid singing, so I was certain B&TB would be the same. But then I watched a preview clip and it's actually surprisingly good?? Emma Watson and Luke Evans especially surprised me. Their singing was pretty damn good!

      - Ellie

  2. awwww thanks for the mention! it makes me happy that so many people are excited about this little novel of mine. <3

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets SUPER EXCITED about school. I've had a countdown running on my phone since MAY. it's that bad. I made myself wait til July to buy school supplies (mostly because I'm a poor college student and had to pay for summer classes... *cries into my empty wallet*). but I just got a bunch of cute little notebooks, a new backpack, some pens, and the most AMAZING planner. like I cannot stop raving about this planner. I still have 28 days til my classes start, and it is TOO LONG. plus I work on campus so I basically live here already...

    as for reading...I read a bunch of classics this month, but didn't totally fall in love with any of them. that's the problem with reading only one genre a can get to be kind of a drag. but I did really enjoy the Handmaid's Tale and The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl (which was a cheat read lol)

    hope your august is spectacular!

    ~ ely


      AW YES SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING. I was able to reuse most of my school supplies from last year and the year before, but I did get to buy some new gel highlighters (have you tried them?) and notebooks. I hope your school year gets off to a great start!!

      Reading one genre a month is a very interesting approach! I don't think I could do it, so kudos to you. I like some classics - most of Shakespeare, Les Miserables, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Gulliver's Travels...

      Thank you!! You too!

      - Ellie

  3. I hope you're okay with the fact that you're only going to have Moana and Beauty and the Beast songs stuck in your head for the next month, HAHA. But seriously, I love those two movies. I saw Beauty and the Beast in the theatre and my eyes were heart-shaped for the entire thing.


      Ikr!? I totally didn't expect to like it, but I adored it.

      - Ellie

  4. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST IS JUST AMAZING. I love your cosplay (even though I don't know the character I'm just excited because cosplay). Your pins are amazing I need some. Yes meeting internet friends (we have to meet someday). MOANA AND BEAUTY AND THE BEAST OK LITERALLY MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS THE LOVE I HAVE FOR BOTH excuse me for like an hour while I fangirl buy merch and listen to the soundtracks don't tell me I'm too old to buy Disney princess T-shirts because I love them. I'm glad you're excited for school haha use that momentum to get you through that schedule I'm amazed by you every day. I'm...a little less than excited for school but oh well senior year that's not supposed to be too bad. Anyways this was a great post I read Bone Gap, Your Voice Is All I Hear (which I had really high hopes for and was quite disappointed by) and started and am currently reading a really neat book called Labyrinth Lost. Anyways sorry for the ridiculously long comment I just got really excited thank you for this post <3

    1. AHHH THANK. It's such a cool costume; I felt totally badass while wearing it. I USED TO THINK PINS WERE STUPID AND TRASHY BUT I'VE KIND OF FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THEM. Best of luck with school! AHHH I'VE WANTED TO READ BONE GAP FOR FOREVER. Don't worry about it! I always enjoy your comments. <3

      - Ellie

  5. First of all, your comment on Catholic schools is freaking hilarious, and 13 books? Wow. Just wow. And as much as I hate summer as a season, and love back to school shopping, I hate the end of summer because that means school, and that means college applications for me. I AM SO STRESSED. But hey, if you need help with APUSH, I got a 5 on the exam ☺️ Happy August!

    1. Haha, thanks! AHHH GOOD LUCK!! Happy August <3

      - Ellie


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