My Characters Go On Vacation!

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Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn!

Today, I'll be linking up with Morgan @ Studies in Character to bring you "Character Studies," a linkup where you interview your characters! This month, I'll be chatting with the squad from my spy novella series The Spies Just Shy of Legendary on the topic of vacations!

First, let's have a quick, visual introduction to the characters:

And now onto the questions!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Eloise: I always dreamed of going to Vienna, even when I was just a little girl. My grandma read me picture books with pictures of the cathedrals and streets in them.

Skylar: Awww, Eloise. I didn't know you had feelings!

Eloise: *backhands Skylar*

Skylar: Geez, El, calm down!

Eloise: What's that now?

Skylar: Ahh, sorry! Geez, ma'am, calm down. Please.

Siobhan: Jesus, how are any of you still alive?

2. You found a time machine. Past or future?

Finley: Oh, geez! I'd love to go to the future and see all the innovations and technology we'll have in even just 50, 100 years. But the past is so cool, too!

Nagisa: Past, so I can murder my enemies and shame them to the nine hells before they can disgrace me.

Skylar: Okay, edgelord, calm down.

3. Would you visit your author's world?

Skylar: Well, our author's world is just like ours. Except, obviously, we don't exist there.

Finley: I think I would. I mean, it'd be nice to live in a world where I'm not indentured to the mafia for once.

Siobhan: Technically, we could go anywhere in Ellie's world. The question doesn't specify. So we could take a world tour or something, go to all the places we each want to see, and have it be just like it would be in our world.

Finley: With the magic of interdimensional travel, too!!

4. You just won a free week on a cruise. Describe how the week plays out.

Sage: Siobhan and I stay home because we're not stupid.

Eloise: Then Nagisa and I drag you with us because we're not stupid, either. You've been planning to run away for months.

Skylar: So, uh, to sum it up: Nagisa, who gets insanely seasick, would puke their guts out. Eloise would stand guard over them and punch any one of us who so much as thought of snickering. Fin would spend all his time gazing at the sea, being the sop he is -

Finley: - and Sky would engage in relentless debauchery at the bars.

Skylar: Hey! If no one else here is willing to have fun, I have to make enough merry to cover all of us!

Eloise: Says who?

Skylar: Well, what if God does? What if the way to Heaven is to be as joyful as possible?

Nagisa and Sage: Send me to hell.

5. You just won a free ticket to a concert. Who's playing?

Finley: It would be hard to find a musician we all like. Nagisa likes techno; Skylar likes pop; I like indie; Sage likes, I don't know, probably some weird Russian folk music or something -

Siobhan *smugly*: He likes indie, too.

*Sage and Finley look shyly at each other*

Skylar *whispers*: I ship it.

6. If you go on vacation, who would you take with you?

Eloise: If we weren't going as a whole group, we'd likely go in duos: me and Nagisa, Skylar and Finley, and Siobhan and Sage.

7. What would ruin a vacation for you?

Skylar: Eloise.

Eloise: Skylar.

Finley: Sage.

Sage: Nagisa.

Nagisa: Everyone. All of these idiots. Every single one of them.

8. Do you get homesick?

Nagisa: No.

Eloise *whispering*: They do.

Finley: All of us do, I think.

Sage: Wow, Ellie, great job creating a diverse cast of characters.

Me: Shut up.

9. At the beach, are you in the water getting pummeled by waves or on the beach making sandcastles?

Skylar: THE WAVES. HELL YEAH. No, wait. No, I'm bathing on the sand, getting suuuuuper tan, blasting Lady Gaga -

Sage: And I'm on a cliff overlooking the beach, dropping a two ton weight on Skylar's head.

10. Bonus: Cupcakes or brownies?

Nagisa: Brownies. What kind of heathens do you think we are?


Let's chat! Are you parti-

Sage: *drops the two ton weight on my head*

Siobhan: Her outros are always so boring.

Skylar: I agree with the weirdo for once. We could totally do better.

Finley: Uh, guys? We just killed the person who's writing our story.....keeping us alive....

Sage: That sounds like her problem. She's the half-dead one.

Finley: Right. Well, uh, not right. Wrong. Uh. Readers of this post, talk to us in the comments! And tell us about your favorite fictional squads.

Skylar: Tell us which one of us you like best.

Sage: And then provide Skylar with tissues and cuddles for when he inevitably loses.

Skylar: Hey!

Finley: Guys? Do you think Ellie will ever invite us back? If she, ya'know, lives?

Sage: Oh yeah, probably. Just not Skylar.

Skylar: HEY!

Nagisa: All right, that's it. We're cutting this off before the four of you make even more of a fool of me and my organization.

Skylar: Hey! Why doesn't Eloise ever get in trouble?

*gets backhanded again*

*curtain swishes closed*

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  1. Ha, I love it! Banter-y characters are the best.

  2. I can just see this ensemble squabbling and bantering with each other in my mind <3 You've really developed their relationships well, and their dynamic can be felt through this post. *Enthusiastic clapping*

  3. I LOVE HOW YOU DID THIS POST! It was so fun to read! Please do more like it :) <3


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