*cue the BBC Sherlock theme*

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I'm always so bad at coming up with titles for these sorts of posts?? So have that one, due to the fact that one of the books I photographed was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

Let's chat! What are some of your favorite books? Do you do book photography? How has your week been going - I haven't been talking to any of you all for so long! 


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  1. Is it weird that I like just looking at books? Nah! Haha. Awesome photos!

  2. Ooo, I love all the pics with the spines on display. :D The focus is nice on those. Also the.. 9th one with the pages. I don't do much book photography myself; I need to do more with it. Books make for such great models. :p

    1. Thank you, ahhh! Haha, I totally agree,

      - Ellie


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