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I like writing tags. I like stealing tags. Therefore, I have stolen a writing tag from Beth @ Reading Every Night and will now present it to you.


I'm awful at pitching this particular work. Basically, it's about a haphazard group of ne'erdowells who
unite under a particularly ruthless gang leader to return the leader to power.

[editing out a few of the holiday ones since we've long passed Christmas]

It's the first snow of the season; who would immediately book a ticket to a hot beach location?

Eloise for sure. She's the only one of the spies who grew up in the south; she's only seen snow a couple times, and she can't stand it.

Which character believed in Santa for the longest time?

Probably Skylar. He's always been a kid at heart, and poor 12-year-old Sky would have refused to believe Santa would abandon him.

Who is most likely to build a blanket fort and go into hibernation with books and tea/coffee/hot chocolate?

Finley often needs a break from the craziness in the spies' house since he's probably the only sane one. He'd retreat into the attic, barricade the door, and build an ultimate blanket fortress.

Who would be the first to start a snowball fight and then get competitive about it?

I'm tempted to say Skylar, but I want to reserve my Skylar answers. So I'll say Ikuro, the little brother of the spies' archenemy. He's secretly conspiring with them to help take down his sibling, and his status in the underworld makes him the only one who would dare to throw a snowball at half these people. He's also the sort of person who would hide snowballs in the fridge and then ambush people as they come into the kitchen. He'll play till he wins.

Who buys their Christmas presents super last minute?

This one's probably Siobhan. She doesn't put much stock in holidays, so she wouldn't even get the idea to give other people presents until she starts getting hers.

There's a local snowman competition; who would be the best sculptor? What would they build?

Finley studied engineering at MIT, so I like to think he could construct a pretty cool snowcreature. He would probably build a puppy if it were just for himself, but he would aim higher, like a dragon, for a competition.

If someone were to organize a secret santa event, who would it be?

Probably Nagisa, the spies' leader. Not for the purposes of fun or fellowship, but to force the motley crew to try to work together/get to know each other when they usually adamantly refuse to. Ikuro would crash it.

Someone refuses to leave the house unless strictly necessary because of the cold. Who is it?

Oh, Skylar. He'll love the first snow and spend the entire day outside making snow angels and snow forts, then be completely ready for summer. Any remaining cold will be the bane of his existence.

Who puts style before comfort and would rather freeze in fashionable clothes than be warm and not on trend? Bonus: add a winter aesthetic for the character!

S K Y L A R  S U T T O N  C L I C K M A N.

You will note that all these pictures involve either Starbucks or staying decidedly indoors. This is not accidental.

I nominate anyone who has characters who have been badgering you to let them share the spotlight.

Talk to me. Would you be the answer to any of these questions? How would your characters respond? Comment below, befriend a ghost, eat your toast, and have a generally good existence.

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