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Hello and welcome to another post brought to you by Me, the queen of unoriginal content.

I recently saw this post over at Faith's lovely blog, The Writer's Song, and I just knew I had to do it myself. I love character aesthetic/playlist/quote posts (especially when I get to talk about my own characters, tbh). Hopefully, you all enjoy this little look at some of my children (and you don't get too bored!). I'll be highlighting some of my favorite main characters from my sorcery + political fantasy series, Death of the Skies.

amoral // calculating // pretentious // the prince.

He was born and raised to rule; no one has ever been this cruel. // Tom Jones
Slow down, you crazy child; you’re so ambitious for a juvenile. // Billy Joel
I’m afraid that the spotlight dried you up. // Set it Off
On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand. // Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
One minute I held the key, next the walls were closed on me. And I discovered that my castles stand upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand. // Coldplay

gruff // kind // embittered // the watchman.

Living in a shell with no soul, since you’ve gone away. // Three Days Grace
I don’t have the right name or the right looks, but I have twice the heart. // Fall Out Boy
Every time you curse my name, I know you want the satisfaction. It’s not gonna happen. // Alec Benjamin
I am my own man; I make my own luck. // American Authors
There once was a bittersweet man, and they called him lemon boy. // Cavetown

sassy // streetwise // irreverent // the spy.

Heaven hates a sinner, but you can't raise hell with a saint. // Dorothy
I’m always landing on my feet in the nick of time and by the skin of my teeth. // Lee DeWyze
Another night I’m barely holding on, one step away from being dead and gone. // Three Days Grace
All that I want is to wake up fine. Tell me that I’m alright, that I ain’t gonna die. // Paramore
Dying is easy. Living is harder. // Christopher Jackson

adventurous // naive // sweet // the princess.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now. // Hayley Williams
I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday. // Fall Out Boy
We’ll never turn back, we’ll just keep on going, vanishing from view, becoming someone new . . . // Adam Jacobs + Courtney Reed
And I’ll keep wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’, when will my life begin? // Mandy Moore
The story needs some mending and a better happy ending, cause I don’t want the next best thing. // Sara Bareilles

driven // hopeful // clever // the woman who would be king.

I’m headed straight for the castle; they wanna make me their queen. // Halsey
Climb these hills, I’m reaching for the heights and chasing all the lights that shine. // Emma Stone
I wanna be in the room where it happens. // Leslie Odom, Jr.
Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me . . . eventually, you’ll see my ascendency. // Lin-Manuel Miranda
There’s been trials and tribulations, you know I’ve had my share. But I’ve climbed a mountain, I’ve crossed a river, and I’m almost there. // Anika Noni Rose

arrogant // murderous // striving for something better // the most dangerous man in the north.

If you stand for nothing, then what’ll you fall for? // Lin-Manuel Miranda
You reside in grand disguises, just to get, get away from it all. // Set it Off
I pray for the wicked on the weekend. // Panic! at the Disco
Once I thought my innocence was gone; now I know that happiness goes on. // Billy Joel
Oh, Devil, I’m in my own hell, and deep inside I’m sure I got here all by myself. // Electric Guest


I hope you guys enjoyed whatever that was! Which of the aesthetics was your favorite? Do you like these kinds of posts as much as I do?

Also, in case you haven't heard about my recent writing collab, check it out here. When I get enough submissions, I can push the start button and make it happen, but this won't happen unless you guys volunteer to guest post. If you're interested in guest posting about writing, check out that link!

I think that's all I have for now. Hug a dog, eat a cookie, borrow a book, and have a lovely day.


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  1. AHHH you did it! *squeals* I loved this wholeheartedly!

    All the FOB references and Hamilton references! It's so cool to see that someone else appreciates Just One Yesterday--that's one of my favorite FOB songs and I feel like no one really knows it. SO GOOD. <3

    This was so cool! Your characters sound amazing!

  2. The fact that you've got Three Days Grace AND Dorothy in this post??? Awesome. Have you heard World So Cold by Three Days Grace? It's amazing and on my writing playlist at the moment.

    This was a great post, and I'm loving your character names and aesthetics. I'm really drawn towards Sabrine for some reason - the skull and cross bones picture is so cool to look at.

  3. This is such a cool post! I hadn't seen it before, but it's awesome. I love Linus's aesthetic the most. Also, your taste in music is amazing.


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