The Blogger and the Blog

The Blogger

  • My name is Eleanor. Ellie if I like you enough. 
  • But if you so choose, you can also address me as "Your Majesty, Queen of Middle-earth."
  • Short, gay, loves tea, all that book blogger jazz. Except I also like bending back the spines of paperbacks and I love the crinkling noise that comes along with water damage. Come at me.    
  • Lover of Dungeons & Dragons, irony and the Oxford comma
  • Location: the other side of reality
    • (send all correspondence via the dwarves)
    • (or to that works, too.)

The Blog

This blog contains posts about reading and writing, as well as moderate to severe amounts of magic and dogs (which are basically the same thing). If you like any of that stuff, welcome! If you don't, there's a portal back to the real world over there.

I post a wide variety of content, so if you're wondering where to start, consider here. I often review books in mini review format, and occasionally I'll do longer ones, like my agnostic reviews of Christian fiction series. Bookish lists are some of my favorite posts to write. At other times, I share characters + snippets from my own writing and articles to help you write your own awesome stories. (Because given that I've spent ten minutes agonizing over this paragraph alone, writing is clearly something I'm good at.)

If you have a book or other product related to my blog content you'd like me to review, just send me a message. If you'd like to collab, do an interview, or anything of the sort, I'm always up for working with other bloggers!

I hope you'll grab a cup of tea and stay with me a while on the other side of reality. You're always welcome :)