The Blogger and the Blog

The Blogger

  • Ellie
  • But if you so choose, you can also address me as "Your Majesty, the Queen of Middle-earth"
  • 5'0 worth of pansexual nerdiness
  • Writer, reader, and perpetual dreamer
  • A good way to cause me stress is doing crossword puzzles in pen
  • Lover of Dungeons & Dragons, irony and the Oxford comma
  • Location: the other side of reality
    • (send all correspondence via the dwarves)
    • (or to that works, too.)

The Blog

This blog contains posts about reading and writing, as well as moderate amounts of tea and fangirling. If you like that stuff, welcome! If you don't, there's a portal back to the real world over there.

If you have a book or other product related to my blog content you'd like me to review, just send me a message through the form on my sidebar or directly to my email (listed above).

I hope you'll grab a cup of tea and stay with me a while on the other side of reality. You're always welcome :)