Works in Progress

Aside from the short pieces I'll share on here, I'm working on a few longer stories. Well, maybe more than a few.

The Death of the Skies Quartet

The Clock Spins Faster (Death of the Skies, Book 0.1)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: Second draft completed, 20,324 words
Blurb: To say the police force of Galhorn is struggling is an understatement. In a city overrun by gangs and crime, law and order seems like an impossible possibility at best.
Enter Horatio Aradassian. A duke of the highest order and a drunk of the lowest, he's exiled himself from the Castle to try to actually help people by overhauling Galhorn's police. His job is only made harder when a strange book is found in Galhorn's vast network of underground caverns - a book that, if deciphered, might have the key to unravelling time itself.
And all this coincides with the disappearance of the city's foremost assassin and the appearance of a strangely talented, ruthless man at Horatio's door looking for work...
This is the first in a quintet of prequel novellas focused on the adventures of Horatio and the Watchmen.

Blood Only Runs So Thick (Death of the Skies, Book 0.2)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: Second draft completed, 27,837 words
Blurb: Horatio may have left the Castle, but he still has ties there whether he likes it or not. (He doesn't.) So when an incident at an opera house turns into a plot that could be threatening the Emperor, he has to decide how far he's willing to go to save the people he abhors - and how many of his own he's willing to sacrifice along the way.

The Lay of the Law (Death of the Skies, Book 0.3)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: Second draft completed, 24,888 words
Blurb: When one of Cavanor's richest men dies, the contents of his will rock Galhorn to its bones. Suddenly, everyone is after the riches of the mysterious Saxon James, and it's up to Horatio to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.
That is - Horatio and his new friend. A strangely quiet, decidedly eerie lawyer named Cyrus Key...

And All the Devils Are Here (Death of the Skies, 0.4)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: First draft completed, 21,646 words
Blurb: Something's definitely up in Galhorn. Crime rates are skyrocketing, but no one can seem to catch the criminals. There's an invisible enemy permeating the fabric of the city, creating chaos, but how can Horatio catch it if it blends in perfectly with the people he's supposed to protect?
One man might know the answer. A man who can levitate and move things with his mind . . .
A man named Cyrus Key.

I the Deadly (Death of the Skies, 0.5)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: First draft completed, 17,503 words
Blurb: For Horatio and his motley Watch, it's actually pretty routine. A man is poisoned. They take names, eliminate suspects, and have to figure out who did it.
Only Casimir can sense that there might be something more sinister behind this. Only he figures out the carnage won't stop here. Only he has a way of knowing the next victim on the hit list.
It's him.

That Once Was Mine (Death of the Skies, 0.6)
Genre: New Adult Mystery
Status: First draft in progress, 22,226 words
Blurb: Six months after he nearly unraveled time and five after he saved the Emperor's life, Horatio's efforts to reform the Watch are finally being noticed. But as his ranks swell, they're infiltrated by the top spies from the cities worst mobs. Horatio's pretty sure he can handle them -- until a new mobster comes to town, one who completely destabilizes the delicate power balance that has kept the city from falling into chaos for years. And as if that isn't enough, a mysterious serial killer starts sweeping through the city, murdering mobsters left and right.
As the Watch becomes entangled in the city's darkest parts, another problem arises. For Horatio, this case is purely business. For Casimir, it's personal.
Because the closer Horatio gets to unraveling the mystery, the closer he gets to Casimir's darkest secrets. And if he uncovers them, there will be nowhere left to run.

Four Suns Burning (Death of the Skies, 1)
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Status: Second draft in progress, 42,119 words
THE SPY was never really meant to be a spy, but when the most dangerous man in the north comes calling, you don't say no. Now she's trying to balance the demands of multiple competing bosses while keeping her skin attached to her body. It's dicey at best.
THE DUKE is just trying to live his own life, thank you very much. No magic, no murder, no political shenanigans. Except then the darkest sorcerer the world has ever seen starts threatening one of the few things he holds dear. And there will be hell to pay.
THE COUNTESS has her sights on the throne, and she's closing in. She has lived as a sidekick to the rest of her family long enough. This is her birthright. Her destiny. And who will stand in her way?
The only person who could is THE WANTED MAN. But he's busy trying to keep his secret identity, well, secret. Because if word gets out about who he really is, the entire fragile peace keeping his city together will go up in flames.

Six Stars Bleeding (Death of the Skies, 2)
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Status: First draft in progress, 27,948 words
Blurb: Bones will burn. BLOOD WILL SPILL.
THE PRINCE is now a nameless refugee, bereft of all power he formerly had with one exception: the power of secrets. But now he is losing control of them . . . both others' and his own.
THE EMPRESS has just been crowned, and she intends to hold onto her title no matter what. No matter how much blood she has to bathe in. 
THE SPY and THE ASSASSIN are on the run, locked in a shaky alliance they can't wait to get out of. Unless they're wrong. Unless the two of them could form the deadliest criminal alliance the Continent has ever seen.
THE DUKE has never been the same since the burning of Galhorn. But he could hold the key to stopping the dark sorcerers once and for all.
And THE DEMON arrives. Well, arrives is a misleading word. Because really, he's been here all along.

Eight Moons Mourning (Death of the Skies, 3)
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Status: Plotting second draft
Blurb: Bones will burn. Blood will spill. TEARS WILL FLOW.
THE EMPRESS has nowhere left to turn. THE EMPEROR is losing his grip on his chess pieces. THE SPY is on the run -- again. THE ASSASSIN is plotting to reclaim his destiny. THE DUKE is plotting to take it from him. THE DEMON, ironically, appears to be the good guy right now . . . and the only hope THE SORCERER has to defeat his worst enemies and save the entire world. 
And THE KING is lurking stage right, prepared to slide in and steal the spotlight at any moment.

Ten Skies Falling (Death of the Skies, 4)
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Status: Plotting first draft
Blurb: Bones will burn. Blood will spill. Tears will flow. KINGDOMS WILL FALL.
Wars are raging all across the Continent, centering around THE SORCERER'S last, desperate attempt to defeat THE GOD. THE ASSASSIN is finally coming into his destiny as the most dangerous man in the north, just in time for the final battle. THE SPY is determined to go down with him. THE DUKE is determined not to go down at all. THE DEMON has already fallen, even further than before. THE EMPRESS is making one final gamble to save her land, her people, and her throne. THE EMPEROR is making one last attempt to take it from her. THE MOBSTER has a legacy to reclaim and a legend to live up to, and he's willing to die trying. And THE KING? His existence defies all the laws of reality, yet he may be the only person who can save it.

Karissa Goldlock's Guide to (Almost) Utterly Everything - Novel

Genre: MG/YA Fantasy
Status: Second draft finished, 105,181 words
Synopsis: As far back as anyone can remember, our world and theirs have been separated. Divided. An unbreakable, horribly inconvenient dimensional divide separating the fairyland world (that's mine) from the steampunk (boo hiss. we don't like them. don't root for them).
Big problems happen when people cross it. How big, you ask? Oh, just as big as inter-dimensional war. 
And I'm part of the group of idiots who've been cobbled together to stop it.
There's Ari, the prince who reads too many books for his own good. Anastasia, the pirate queen. Cephas, the demon scholar. Feyrin, the blind elfling.
And Karissa?
That's me. I'm on the run with an axe to grind, a heist to pull off, and the talent to do it. And I'm stopping at nothing to get what I want . . . even if I pull the whole world down with me.

The Spies Just Shy of Legendary - Novella Duology

The Spies Just Shy of Ordinary (The Spies Just Shy of Legendary, 1)
Genre: YA Contemporary
Status: First draft in progress, 25,518 words
Synopsis: Shoot first. Shoot fast. Shoot often. 
They're the most haphazard group of criminals this side of the Mississippi. From an internationally wanted spy to a hacker with a heart of gold, Nagisa Ikoma has assembled a small and close team of the best of the best. She'll need it, if she's going to take back the gang that once was almost hers and destroy the Sakoda criminal empire once and for all.
But things are never that simple this far down in the underworld. New love threatens to splinter her team, an old ally turns into a new enemy, and all her careful plans are crumbling. If she's going to move, she has to do it now. But the spies are in new territory now. Nothing is as it should be. And nothing will ever be again.

Heaven Bleeds Fire - Novella

Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy
Status: First draft in progress, 18,620 words
Synopsis: The Second Heavenly War is not going well. At least, not for Safildor.
Heaven is getting restless after an eternity with Michael as God's favored angel, and a revolution soon arises with Gabriel as the figurehead. Caught in the crossfire is Safi, a hapless angel fighting for Gabriel. Kidnapped by a band of demons, Safi is used as a pawn in their quest for vengeance against several angels Safi once knew. Yet between hair's-breadth escapades and chatting up the Grim Reaper's secretary, Safi's perceptions of right and wrong are turned upside down as he learns to see the evil side of those he once worshipped and the good side of those he once thought impossible to save - just in time to find out he might lose them all.
Angelic anarchy.
Demonic desolation.
Did you know that heaven bleeds fire?

The Year of Splattered Paint - Novella

Genre: YA Contemporary/Retelling
Status: First draft on hold, 1,879 words
Synopsis: A modern retelling of the lives of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo -- except as genius teenage graffiti artists.